Getting false timeouts

Why Does Testomato Say My Site Is Down When It’s Not? Testomato may occasionally report your site is down or unavailable, but everything looks fine when you go and investigate the problem for yourself.

Location Matters

Uptime Monitoring in Testomato is done externally rather than internally. This means that Testomatobot tests and monitors your site or server from a location that is outside the local network where your server is hosted.

In some cases, a project may be unavailable to Testomato a very short period of time due to problems with network latency, i.e. how long it takes data to get from one point to another.

To help avoid sending alerts about false timeouts or short-term issues, we retest your project a second time before we send an alert if Testomato is unable to connect with your site or server.

We have also started adding more testing locations in Testomato to help minimize the influence of our connection on your project test results.

How to Evaluate the Problem

You can dig deeper into the details of an outage by analyzing the HTTP header response for the request made to your website.

To view recent results:

  1. Click the gear icon of the timed out test.
Page settings
  1. Scroll down and click Show HTTP response headers at the bottom of the page.

This will open up a more detailed report, containing information about the trace-route and the content of the returned data:

For details about older incidents, select the issue in your Issues Timeline located in the Reports of your project’s dashboard.