What’s in Reports?

Testomato provides in-depth Reports for monitoring your projects. We collect data that gives you more insight to help you find the reason behind errors on your website.

Here’s a quick guide to our Reports and how to navigate them.

Reports are split into 6 sections:

  • Number of Issues - The number of problems found on your website.
Number of Issues
  • Issue Type Frequency - The frequency of different errors found.
Reports tab
  • Issue Duration - The time it took for an issue to be resolved.
Reports tab
  • Uptime Percentage - The uptime percentage of your website for the following: OK, TIMEOUT, or ERROR.
Uptime Percentage
  • Response Timing - The amount of time it took for each phase of a page to load.
Response Timing
  • Issues Timeline - A timeline showing when and where issues occurred.

You can select a predefined date range or set your own custom range to see data for different time periods in your reports.

Issues Timeline

Predefined date ranges include:

  • Today - Data available for the selected calendar date.
  • Yesterday - Data for the previous calendar date.
  • This Week - Data available from Monday up until the current calendar date.
  • Last Week - Data for Monday through Sunday of the previous calendar week.
  • This Month - Data available from the first day of the month through the current date.
  • Last Month - Data from the first to the last day of the previous calendar month.