Project DashboardΒΆ

This article explains what a project dashboard is and how to read it.

Here is a project dashboard:

Project Dashboard

There are only 4 possible colors for boxes:

  1. Green: This page passed all checks
  2. Red: This page failed on some check.
  3. Orange: This page timed out.
  4. Gray: This page has not been configured yet, has been turned off, or whose results are not available.

According to your Payment Plan your Project dashboard also displays a green, red, or orange circle icon, which indicates whether your homepage is up, down, or timing out.

Uptime indicator

Most important controls on Project dashboard are in top-right corner:

Project Controls
  • Reports - View detailed reports and issue details about problems.
  • Share Project - Add and manage different project roles.
  • Project Settings - Project settings such as check intervals, timeout periods, testing location, and more.