Add Project

You can visit Add Project page or Click +Add project in the top left corner.

Add project
  1. Enter homepage URL
Create projects
  1. Click Create project. Your new project will be created and added to your main dashboard.


You can create multiple projects at once by putting each new URL on a separate line.

Pre-configured Pages Check

  1. The first check we add to the suite is your homepage (this is taken from the URL you add as your project).
  2. Then, Testomato analyzes your home page and ignores any links that take you away from this website (e.g. social links).
  3. Next, we sort links by the length of the link text (e.g. About, Contact, Buy, etc.). We take the 8 shortest and add them to your dashboard with basic configuration.
  4. We then add 3 more checks automatically: * 404 Not Found Error * Favicon * robots.txt
  5. Finally, we create unconfigured checks for any forms we find on your homepage. These checks will appear as gray boxes in your project dashboard.