Add a Form Check

This article will show you how to check your website forms with Testomato and ensure they’re functioning properly.

Form data is monitored using POST commands once checks are configured. In other words, we check forms as if one of your visitors has filled out the form and clicked Submit.

Testomato tries to auto-detect all HTML <form> </form> tags and create unconfigured when you add a project.

Important things to know about our form checks:


Testomato does not detect client-side generated forms (e.g. Angular JS, ReactJS, jQuery, JavaScript, etc.)


We are not able to check forms with CAPTCHA (or similar anti-spam protection).


We can’t beat CSRF (Crosss-Site Request Forgery), but we do support simple CSRF protection.

In order for CSRF protection support to work, you’ll need to ensure the session started when your form is fetched doesn’t expire. Otherwise, your check will fail (i.e. the session’s lifetime must be longer than the interval between checks).

How to Add a Form Test

If a form was not automatically added to your project dashboard as a pre-configured check, you can still add it manually.

  1. Click on the project you’d like to view.
  2. Click Add form chech.
Add form check
  1. Enter the URL of the page that contains the form you would like to monitor and click Submit.
Enter URL
  1. Click Select to choose the form you would like to monitor.
Chose form
  1. Enter a Name for your form and the data you would like sent to your form, and click Next.
  2. Set other check parameters and expectations, and click Create.
Add check