Common Server Error Messages

Testomato is sensitive to Common Error Messages. They are a marker for us to indicate that something is broken on your website.

PHP Errors

Testomato is sensitive to all types of PHP error messages:

  • Fatal error
  • Catchable fatal error
  • Warning
  • Parse error
  • Notice
  • Strict Standards
  • Deprecated
  • Unknown error

Database Errors

  • All MySQL error messages
  • Database connection errors:
    • The server encountered an internal error
    • Internal server error
    • Can't connect to MySQL server
    • Nette Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand or process
    • Wordpress Error establishing a database connection

PHP Debuggers


Xdebug error

XDebug output example.


Tracy Error Message

Nette/Tracy bluescreen example


Symfony error



We have a page that shows randomly generated examples of some of the most common error messages: